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Defoamer SF200

SF200 solvent system is suitable for suppressing the bubble, Defoamer. It has medium viscosity, low viscosity, equivalent to 6800 or DS508.
Composition: hydrophobic-particle-containing    silicone polymer
Appearance: milky white liquid
Active parts:> 99%
Specific gravity (20 ℃): about 0.97
Flash Point:> 200 ℃
Uses and features
SF200 is an excellent suds, Defoamer, solvent coating of bubbles in manufacturing and construction are produced, have a good effect suppression and elimination of fruit.
1, various ink systems (especially for printing ink)
2, epoxy resin
3, chlorinated rubber
4, two-component polyurethane
5, an acrylic resin
6, lacquer, blending paint
Dosage and Usage
1, the whole amount: 0.01 to 1.0%. SF200 active parts high. Can be added after the pre-dilution.
2, before grinding or stirring before adding suds best effect fruit, also add whereby defoaming afterwards, but it must be mixed evenly.
3, in order to get a better distribution of SF200 effect fruit, the colored coating medium recommend grinding with the grinding parts.
50kg plastic drum, 200kgmetal pail.